About us

Is founded in 1994. Because of already build experience of the founders, there was a possibility for a design of a renewed product for the already existed market. The designs were daring and toke technical questions with them. However, the product was successful and the structure of the company could be started. In the last 8 years, the organization has experience an enormous growth. In the beginning year, all the activities were be done by four employees, included the founders. Now there are 30 employees working every day, to give you a so complete and good as possible order and to give you a quick delivery. If you places an offer of a door by ALBIN CE, included montage, our professional montage take care of the final stage, namely the montage of the door. In the after route, the same mechanics are ready for you, to do the service and the maintenance. When you have bought a door by one of our ALBIN CE partners, you get the same car and the same quality. From our location in Geertruidenberg were we made by order garage doors and industrial doors at the desired size. ALBIN CE didn’t know a stock or standard sizes and colors.

Every day is unique and would make by hand. Because of this, ALBIN CE could answer every question, as well in technical, qualitative as quantitative respect.