What we do

Albin CE makes products on base of her own knowledge and technical possibilities. The products from Albin CE are useable in residential homes as well as in industrial purposes. With a big variation on quality products and a good price Albin CE grew to a well known supplier for the resellers in homeland and abroad.

The products are made in "Geertruidenberg" on a working space of more then 3000m2. Because of the enormous variation of products most of this space is needed for fast deliverance. Where once was a delivering time of 6 till 8 weeks, we now strive to a as short as possible delivering time.

A big part of the doors that are produced in Geertuidenberg will be installed by our own employees. Together with the customer we check the doors on every aspect so the doors can be installed without failures. When the door is finished it will be installed in the week given by the customer.

Maintenance and service
After the installation of the door it is of great importance that the door will be kept in condition in order it to be functional. This is why Albin CE offers the customer a maintenance agreement. Keeping a door in good condition brings many advantages.