Fire doors

Since 2006, manufactures, delivers and installs ALBIN CE sectional fire resistance for 60 minutes. This ABD-60 fire door are made of special "patented" panels. The fire doors are tested and approved according to European standards: CEN 1363-1 and CEN 1364-1.

Fire roller
The fire roller door AVR-60 is a door made ​​of special "patented" fins in red and gray. Through this unique product is ALBIN CE able to deliver fire doors that meets with the new European standards CEN 1363-1 and CEN 1364-1. The extremely good isolation and a very limited temperatures makes this door one of the best in the market.

Sliding firedoor
The sliding fire door is based on the above products. The door blade can be achieved in gray and red. Through the use of patented materials, these doors can be used everywhere.